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Promoting Purpose in Education & Career Development

December 11, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Bryan Dik | Colorado State University and jobZology

Summit Stage Recording

About the Speaker

Bryan Dik PhD Professor of Psychology, Colorado State University; Cofounder and Chief Science Officer jobZology®

  • Author of Make Your Job a Calling and Redeeming Work

The Story

A little about my own journey...

  • As an undergrad, undecided and frustrated
  • Many interests, but lacking in purpose
  • Ultimately, called to investigate callings

The Why

A new science of purposeful work has emerged.

Students who perceive a purpose:

  • More confident, satisfied, and experience more meaning than other students.
  • Happier and experience greater meaning in life
  • These "intermediate outcomes" translate into target outcomes such as performance (GPA), retention, graduation, and job search success.

What's Next

The Goal: Foster a sense of purpose among students

  • Fit. Help students identify their gifts (interests, values, etc.) and connect them to pathways (career paths, training programs) that fit their unique profiles.
  • Integrate. Help students connect their educational and career activity with a broader sense of purpose in life.
  • Connect. Help students grow and leverage social support.

Call to Action

The How: Tools and Strategies to Facilitate Purpose

  • Provide valid information about gifts to guide informed decision-making (e.g., online assessment systems).
  • Promote active engagement via evidence-based activities from research on career interventions (e.g., expressive writing exercises, goal-setting, accurate occupational information)
  • Build support (e.g., "personal board of directors").

Closing Thoughts

The Future: Purposeful Engagement in a Changing World of Work

  • Change is a given
  • Purpose transcends job titles and provides coherence, motivation, and meaning

Thank you!

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