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Reach Your Ideal Student

December 10, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Eric W. Leftwich | Pathway U

Summit Stage Recording

About the Speaker

Eric Leftwich
Cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer jobZology / PathwayU

Science behind education and careers that fit.

  • A twenty-two-year veteran in technology consulting for business, healthcare and education.
  • Eric has worked with more than one hundred educational institutions looking for ways to enhance the education to career pathway selection for learners of all ages.
  • In 2012 he cofounded jobZology.
  • In 2019 his company won the National Science Foundation’s Degree Compass Challenge and was asked to present a “Purpose vs Skill” briefing for President Trump's Committee for Employment and Education at the White House.
  • Eric has held executive board positions for the Colorado Workforce Investment Board and served as a member of the Governors Council for Colorado Workforce Initiatives.

Today's Agenda:

  • The market
  • What about the new customer personas
  • Should we apply an enterprise sales approach using TAM and LTV
  • Innovate or Die?
  • But don't believe me. Take these ideas and discuss them with summit participants.

The Story

The Market is Changing

Overall, postsecondary enrollments decreased by 1.3% in fall 2019, a drop of more than 231,000 students from last year… For the first time this decade, the nation's fall semester's unduplicated enrollments dipped below 18 million, a decline of more than 2 million students since its peak in 2011. - Forbes Magazine Nov. 2019

The Market Place is Changing

The Market Demands Are Different

The Why

It's time to really examine our new customer personas.

  • Do we truly know our client – who are they really?
  • Approach them using technology such as deep data, assessments and even AI and ML
  • Understand we need to explain value across the entire education-through-career-lifecycle

What's Next

Innovate or Die

~ The economic future of education is steeped in the New World of Work ~

  • All education products must be tied to an ROI in the form of a meaningful career
  • We must institutionally explain our “WHY” in support of the ROI not our WHO
  • All features of the educational experience must support the “WHY”

Call to Action

~ Here are some things to consider ~

  • More than anytime in history – educational choices are tied to career and job outcomes
  • Recruiting the right student begins with that understanding
  • The future will include the hybrid model of employers and stakeholders in the classroom
  • Schools that get ahead of this early … will recruit the right student
  • It's not a product or system solution … it’s a paradigm shift.

Closing Thoughts

Thank You!

What will you do with what you just learned?


Eric W. Leftwich | jobZology



"You can design today for tomorrow, or you can design tomorrow, today."