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Design Your Campus Through Sustainable ROI

December 11, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Kari Branjord | Ellucian

Summit Stage Recording

About the Speaker

Kari Branjord SVP of Digital Transformation at Ellucian

  • Involved in Higher Ed for over 20 years
  • Working for the leading commercial provider of higher ed tech serving over 2600 institutions worldwide
  • Served on the board of the Higher Education User Group culminating in a 2- term presidency
  • Named Oracle Magazine’s Implementer of the Year
  • Driven roadmaps and strategy for ERP and SIS solutions, and provided thought-leadership at user groups and industry events globally for 20 years on topics as widely varied as Usability and Accessibility (in the early 2000s) through to today’s focus on Digital Transformation and sustainable models for tomorrow’s institutions

Experience: What We Heard

School leaders voiced concern around four major areas:

Importance: Responding to Challenges

During the April 2020 Ellucian CARES Act webinar, 41.3% of institutions surveyed indicated “Technology supporting gaps in the move to remote learning and administrative processes” as their primary area of focus.

What's Next: Lead Change Through Sustainable ROI


Investment decisions that directly advance the unique vision and strategic goals of the institution.


Analysis supported by verifiable data and evidence-based assumption.


Approach and approval requires active customer participation and ownership.


The business case should enable informed, transparent and responsive decision-making and ROI decisions.


Sustainable ROI accounts for  qualitative and quantitative impacts to:

Student, Mission, Technology, Operations, Risk

Call To Action:  Innovation for Results

Closing Thoughts

Open Discussions on How to Measure Value


SVP Digital Transformation



Sources: IT Leaders Business Continuity Ellucian Survey (March 24, 2020) ; Ellucian CARES Act Webinar Survey for Presidents and Business Leaders (April 23, 2020);  “Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis Part II, Inside Higher Ed and Hanover Research, Ellucian-sponsored (April 2020)

What will you do with what you just learned?

"You can design today for tomorrow, or you can design tomorrow, today."