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Community College Role in Creating Exponential Opportunities

December 10, 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Rufus Glasper & Cynthia Wilson | League for Innovation in the Community College

Chancellor Lee Lambert | Pima Community College

Summit Stage Recording

About the Speakers

Dr. Cynthia Wilson
Vice President for Learning and Chief Impact Officer at League for Innovation in the Community College

Dr. Rufus Glasper
President and CEO at League for Innovation in the Community College

Lee Lambert
Chancellor at Pima Community College

The Story

Pandemic Has Caused Unprecedented Turmoil


  • Majority of students live close to a community college
  • Students stay closer to home
  • Students unhappy with options at 4-year colleges
  • Lack of expected bump from the recession

Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, August 17, 2020

The Why

Community College Enrollment Plummets

A lost generation

  • 9.4% drop in enrollment this fall compared to fall 2019
  • 9 times the pre-pandemic loss rate
  • Number of freshmen dropped most drastically at 22.7%
  • 2-year institutions saw the biggest enrollment declines among all types

Community College Daily 12/2/20

What's Next

Innovative/Effective/Promising Methods

  • Future for Frontliners free tuition scholarship program
  • Returning Citizen Initiative
  • Transfer and articulation partners
  • Transfer is Workforce Development
  • The increased awareness, inclusion, and definition of undergraduate STEM

Call to Action

Key Component in Nation’s Economic Health

  • The Indispensable Institution:  Reimagining Community College
    • Millions will need quick job-focused upskilling and reskilling
    • In-demand skills are changing faster than traditional academic program approval

Opportunity America, June 2020

  • Prioritization of socioeconomic diversity, equity, and inclusion into the vision and goals of undergraduate STEM education programs

  • COVID-19 impacted workers find immediate in-demand jobs
    • Digital workforce training and reskilling
    • Retraining

Closing Thoughts

Key Component in Nation's Economic Health

  • Community College Growth Engine Fund
  • Education at the speed of business
  • Integrating credit and non-credit
  • Reflective discussion regarding mission and culture

Thank You.

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Dr. Rufus Glasper:

Dr. Cynthia Wilson:

Chancellor Lee Lambert:

"You can design today for tomorrow, or you can design tomorrow, today."